Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shower Sharing Blues

Well, I knew the time would get here eventually, and this morning I realized it's true: there is not enough room in our shower!

We have been taking family showers forever. It started before my husband and I were even married. We would start the day together in the shower. It was a good place for conversation, warmth. Not (usually) anything sexual, just a way to bond.

While I was pregnant with The Girl, my belly got too big for the two of us to comfortably fit in our small tub shower. So hubby started the project of a new shower.

The new shower was about 2' x 4' of deluxe space! The water sprays out of the shower head with extreme force. It is awesome.

The Boy loved the shower since day 1. I would take him in there in a water wrap and he calmed right down. As soon as he could sit up, he would plop on the floor of the shower while we soaped up.

But, this morning, with all four of us in there, I felt a little.....crowded. My feet got stepped on by the dancing Girl. I had to wait my turn to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

Makes me sad. Showering alone can be a wonderful luxury....but showering as a family....I guess it will just have to be a good memory.

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