Tuesday, November 10, 2009

halloween candy.....de-lish-eee-oh-so

So, the girl forgets about her Halloween candy. Yes, even though she's 6, somehow she forgets that it even exists.

Yes, I know, that is so good for her teeth, and her health, and her overall well-being.

Mostly, it is good for her mother's well-being.

Yes, I admit it. Her bags of Halloween candy were dumped into the bowl of "general" Halloween candy and I have been eating it. I started with all chocolate. Next came the tootsie rolls, followed by laffy taffy, then sweet tarts and smarties. Unfortunately, there is still flavored tootsie rolls, miscellaneous lollipops, and other foul things that cannot even be categorized.

Yes, tomorrow is Veteran's Day. November 11. All the good Halloween Candy has been pilfered from the girl's stash. C.....R.....A....P


In what order do you eat the candy??

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Muffin Tin MONDAY:?????

Okay, so, I'm trying, right. Someone tuned me in to Muffin Tin Monday. See her blog at:

Well, outer space theme or not.... I love MTM for those nights that I have little time and need to "pretty up" leftovers. Tonight it was: tuna, mashed taters, pickles, olives, hard-boiled eggs, rice. Not very "spacey", but it worked. I had tuna salad, hubby was at a meeting. The girl (who will only eat things separately, not mixed together) had a muffin tin. The boy had a plate with all those same things on it. I only have one six-up muffin tin and have had no time to pick up a cute silicone tin with fancy shapes. Who cares? It still works. The girl enjoys eating "cupcakes" for dinner......

Make it work, ladies. You don't have to be so fancy about it!

Oh...by the way....it is TUESDAY!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Self care...REALLY, I need some ideas...

So, my last posted hinted at the fact that I need some self-care ideas. But...REALLY... I need some self care ideas. I may as well just go out and say it: I need some self care ideas. My problem is I feel so f*ing guilty when I self care. So, my self care becomes clandestine and secret and..... not so great.

Here is my idea of self care:

*going to the grocery store without kids
*taking a bath for 7.25 minutes without a kid joining me in the tub
*rolling over in bed for 15-20 seconds so the boy gets my back instead of nursing on my sore nipples...
*blogging, reading blogs, checking facebook...
*drinking 750 ml of wine...(I checked)...before taking the girl to ballet class
*reading a trashy "Reacher" novel while nursing...
*taking a dance class and leaving the kids with a baby sitter for 1.5 hours...
*showering by myself and soaking in the warm water (3 days per week at 5:00 am.)
*eating food that's bad for me: Chef-Boy-R-Dee Raviolis and Chicken Pot Pie in the Microwave...
*eating chocolate ANYTHING
*cursing loudly when no one can hear (except the baby)
*turning up the music WAY LOUD on my way to work so I can sing and not worry about the lyrics or volume...

I need more ideas for healthy self care. PLEASE leave a comment.

Grocery Store

I know it has been two months since my last post, but instead of giving excuses or explanations, I'm just going to blog on....

So, I went to the grocery store yesterday. It's my Sunday afternoon "alone time". Yes. Really. Going to the store without kids somehow counts as "alone time" according to the man.
So, I have the headphones blaring and darn it all if I'm not going to make this grocery trip last AS-----LONG-----AS-----HUMANLY-------POSSIBLE!! I have only a few things on my list:
a few ingredients for a soup I hope to make this week

But, I can inspect bananas for freshness for many minutes. Apple sauce needs to be carefully checked for added sugar. And darn it all, where in the heck do they keep the chives, anyway?

So, by the time I make it to the checkout, I have $85 worth of stuff.

I ask you, is an $85 grocery trip worth a 1 and 1/2 hour grocery trip alone time musical extravaganza???

It is for me.

Of course I get home and the boy is desperate for some nursing time, the girl wants to play go fish and the man is asking what the dinner plans are.

This is my life. I get down time wherever I can.

What do you do for "self care"?? Ha ha. No really, I'd love to get some suggestions.