Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Muffin Tin MONDAY:?????

Okay, so, I'm trying, right. Someone tuned me in to Muffin Tin Monday. See her blog at:

Well, outer space theme or not.... I love MTM for those nights that I have little time and need to "pretty up" leftovers. Tonight it was: tuna, mashed taters, pickles, olives, hard-boiled eggs, rice. Not very "spacey", but it worked. I had tuna salad, hubby was at a meeting. The girl (who will only eat things separately, not mixed together) had a muffin tin. The boy had a plate with all those same things on it. I only have one six-up muffin tin and have had no time to pick up a cute silicone tin with fancy shapes. Who cares? It still works. The girl enjoys eating "cupcakes" for dinner......

Make it work, ladies. You don't have to be so fancy about it!

Oh...by the way....it is TUESDAY!


  1. I like the variety of things you used.

  2. Thanks! I noticed you put a drink as one of your items on your blog. That is a great idea. I'll use it next time!