Monday, November 2, 2009

Grocery Store

I know it has been two months since my last post, but instead of giving excuses or explanations, I'm just going to blog on....

So, I went to the grocery store yesterday. It's my Sunday afternoon "alone time". Yes. Really. Going to the store without kids somehow counts as "alone time" according to the man.
So, I have the headphones blaring and darn it all if I'm not going to make this grocery trip last AS-----LONG-----AS-----HUMANLY-------POSSIBLE!! I have only a few things on my list:
a few ingredients for a soup I hope to make this week

But, I can inspect bananas for freshness for many minutes. Apple sauce needs to be carefully checked for added sugar. And darn it all, where in the heck do they keep the chives, anyway?

So, by the time I make it to the checkout, I have $85 worth of stuff.

I ask you, is an $85 grocery trip worth a 1 and 1/2 hour grocery trip alone time musical extravaganza???

It is for me.

Of course I get home and the boy is desperate for some nursing time, the girl wants to play go fish and the man is asking what the dinner plans are.

This is my life. I get down time wherever I can.

What do you do for "self care"?? Ha ha. No really, I'd love to get some suggestions.

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