Tuesday, November 10, 2009

halloween candy.....de-lish-eee-oh-so

So, the girl forgets about her Halloween candy. Yes, even though she's 6, somehow she forgets that it even exists.

Yes, I know, that is so good for her teeth, and her health, and her overall well-being.

Mostly, it is good for her mother's well-being.

Yes, I admit it. Her bags of Halloween candy were dumped into the bowl of "general" Halloween candy and I have been eating it. I started with all chocolate. Next came the tootsie rolls, followed by laffy taffy, then sweet tarts and smarties. Unfortunately, there is still flavored tootsie rolls, miscellaneous lollipops, and other foul things that cannot even be categorized.

Yes, tomorrow is Veteran's Day. November 11. All the good Halloween Candy has been pilfered from the girl's stash. C.....R.....A....P


In what order do you eat the candy??

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