Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peaceful Saturday Mornings

So, all I wanted was a peaceful Saturday morning. Sigh. Why is that so hard?

First off, The Girl woke up pre-7:00am. Yes, that's the same girl that needs multiple proddings and kisses and yank-the-covers-off to get up at 7:00 during the week. So at 6:something, I hear her feet thumping down the stairs.

The Boy wakes up at 7:01, so I get out of bed with him so The Man can sleep a little longer.

I make some coffee and join The Girl who is finishing the movie we started watching last night.

Aaaahhh.... yes! Let's finish that movie night. I'll sit on my butt, drink my coffee and get this day started in a slow, peaceful way.

Not happening. Before I knew it, I had a squirmy girl in my lap, a boy who wanted to nurse, and a husband who wanted some breakfast. DAMN! Everyone wants my attention and all I want is a few minutes to veg.

I guess mornings are mornings, whether weekday or weekend. No relaxing for me.....