Friday, July 31, 2009


I know The Boy is just trying to communicate.

He is just trying to say "Look mom!"
or "I want that, mom!"
or "Pick me up, mom!"
or "I'm hungry, mom!"

But the persistent, piercing, whining is getting to me!

We need to get more signs in his vocabulary. They work, but he doesn't know enough. What's the sign for: "Wait a minute, sweetie, I'm buttering your sister's pancakes and I'll pick you up in a minute. IN A MINUTE!!"

Save me from this brain-numbing squeal......

P.S. About my last post: Don't worry, no WAY am I pregnant. No WAY could I handle #3. Hubby has an appt. with the "snipper" this Friday. TMI?? Sorry.

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